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Stem Cell Harvesting

Stem cells are unique because they drive the natural healing process throughout your life. They heal and restore skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, nerves and other tissues when injured. There are two main types of stem cells: adult stem cells, such as those found in bone marrow and teeth, and embryonic stem cells.

Today, medical researchers are learning how to control stem cells and direct their growth into specialized cells, including blood, skin, bone, cartilage, teeth, muscle, and nerves.As a result, amazing new medical treatments are being developed to treat a range of diseases that contemporary medicine currently deems difficult or impossible to treat.

While we can see the promise of human stem cell therapies for the future, it is important to act now to harvest and store cells from deciduous (baby) teeth and third molars (wisdom teeth) while the opportunities are available to child and adolescent patients. In the case of dental stem cells, the process is not at all difficult. In fact, it is easy. Healthy stem cells are discarded on a daily basis as the result of routine dental procedures (tooth extractions).

The stem cells contained within the pulp of healthy teeth are the most easily accessible stem cells that can be recovered. When compared to other types of stem cells and their corresponding methods of recovery (i.e., stem cells obtained from embryos, cord blood, bone marrow, adipose [fat tissue], and peripheral blood), obtaining stem cells from teeth is ethically uncontroversial, non-invasive, less dependent on timing, and far less expensive.

Tooth-derived stem cells are readily accessible and provide an easy and minimally invasive way to obtain and store stem cells for future use. Banking one’s own tooth-derived stem cells is a reasonable and simple alternative to harvesting stem cells from other tissues.

Please ask our doctors more about stem cell harvesting and PRP during your consultation.

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