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Trios Digital Impression Scanning

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Trios Digital Impression Scanners

Here at COAFS, we use the latest form of technology for impressions that provide a more pleasant experience for our patients. The Trios 3 Digital Impression Scanners make the process faster, easier, and more accurate. The process consists of a scan with a wand which allows us to highlight relevant areas which are sent to the lab for abutment and crown preparation.

The Trios 3 Digital Impression Scanners provide a more realistic scan experience in which we are able to better evaluate clinical situations through the use of natural colors and high definition photos. These features allow for better case documentation that we can easily relay to our patients.


These scanners are used in all of our offices and allow us to treat more people, more effectively and with improved care. Our protocol can eliminate additional appointments that would normally be necessary, which helps take away the hassle and stress from patients having to rearrange their busy schedules. Moreover, patients will not gag on traditional impression materials!

We are extremely pleased with the ease of the Trios 3 Digital Impression scanners, and we guarantee that our patients will be, too.

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