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Dental Implant Guarantee

Dental Implant Guarantee

We stand by our work- for a lifetime.

At Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery, we believe that every patient deserves the highest quality dental implants. Our surgeons have extensive training placing dental implants and are committed to providing the highest possible patient care using the most advanced technology. Our surgeons have placed thousands of implants and have over 20 years combined experience placing dental implants.

That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

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Implant Guarantee Details

  • If we have to remove one of our implants, we will replace the implant and also perform any necessary corrective procedures at no cost to the patient.
  • If an implant fails to integrate we will replace it at no cost, one time only.
  • This warranty does not apply to smokers or to persons who have, or who develop, an uncontrolled systemic health problem, such as, but not limited to, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis, or any condition requiring long term steroid use.
  • The cost of crown replacement is not included in this guarantee.
  • A lifetime warranty cannot be offered on implant supported overdentures or hybrid or fixed bridgework, as such prostheses often require replacement of worn teeth over time. Tooth replacement in these instances does not require implant removal or replacement.

Patient Responsibilities

  • No smoking
  • Attend all post-operative appointments including an occlusion check after the final crown is placed with the restoring dentist
  • If it is determined that you “clench” or “grind” your teeth, you will allow your restorative dentist or us to fabricate a bite appliance for you
  • A bi-annual implant examination including x-rays and/or regular dental cleanings with the restoring dentist is an absolute requirement for this warranty to apply.
  • Must have the final crown placed within a year of the initial surgical placement.

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