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3D Imaging: How Does the Patient Benefit?

Dental technology has been constantly changing and improving to help provide the best care possible to patients. One of the most exciting and important developments in dental technology is 3D Imaging. This advancement allows your surgeon to see your mouth in a way that is not possible with X-ray or medical CT scan technology. Therefore, they are able to better diagnose each patient and provide more effective treatment.

3D Imaging works with a cone beam computed tomography machine (CBCT) which provides a high-quality 3D image of patients’ mouths. The surgeon is able to see the entire mouth and skull in extreme detail and visualize important anatomy and bone quantities to prepare for procedures such as implants, bone grafts, and more.

  • Less exposure to radiation: compared to traditional medical CT scans, 3D CBCT scans release significantly less radiation.
  • Image accuracy: 3D CBCT imaging provides highly accurate and measurable images because of its amazing resolution, giving your surgeon the ability to identify the exact location for a dental procedure.
  • Diagnostic accuracy: 3D scans can help find problems that 2D scans cannot, especially through the ability to differentiate between many types of tissue. Abnormal sinus anatomy, joint dysfunctions, pathologies, and infections can be identified which means that patients are properly diagnosed when they are first seen and are able to get the appropriate help sooner than they would with previous imaging methods.
  • Safer surgeries: With 3D imaging, surgeons can more easily identify the location of nerves and avoid them during surgery. This minimizes the risk of damaging a nerve and causing numbness.
  • Short scan time: 3D CBCT scanners can obtain all of the necessary images in a single rotation of about 10 seconds, decreasing the chance of image defects caused by the natural movement of the patient.
  • Bone quality assessment: 3D CBCT scans are used to assess bone quality, which is extremely important for implant placement. The surgeon can see if there is sufficient bone present for the procedure or if grafting will be necessary.
  • Surgical guides: the findings of the 3D scan are transferred to a computer-generated surgical template which our surgeon uses to create surgical guide for dental implant procedures.
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Don’t worry, you are not alone! So many people feel uneasy about going to the dentist and some even avoid the oral surgeon altogether because of their anxiety.

This is an extremely bad idea, since you are missing opportunities for them to treat any problems in the early stages that could result in bigger issues that may need more invasive treatments later.

Sedation can be a great option for people who are scared of going the dentist as well as people undergoing extensive dental work. It helps ensure that their experience at a dental office is as comfortable as possible.

Oral surgeons receive specialized training in anesthesia. After they complete dental school, they enter a 4 or 6 year program which includes anesthesia training. Unlike general dentists, an oral surgeon is licensed to provide IV sedation with medicines such as Ketamine, Versed, and Propofol which are used to help with pain and/or to induce sleep. This is ideal for more invasive procedures and patients with extremely high dental anxiety.

Other kinds of sedation include oralsedation (a pill taken before the procedure) and Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”).

Some people are hesitant to receive Anesthesia. However, our patients can feel confident knowing that all of our surgeons have completed a hospital based surgical residency program, which has provided them with the highest level of in-office sedation and anesthesia training possible. This hands-on experience, working alongside medical anesthesiologists, qualifies them to evaluate their patients for anesthesia, deliver anesthetic and effectively monitor them throughout and after surgery. They are experienced in providing anesthesia to all age ranges, from pediatric to elderly patients, and are prepared to help you throughout the procedure.

If you need to undergo a dental procedure, but are hesitant because of your fear and anxiety, feel free to give us a call today and we can go over all of the options we provide to make your experience as comfortable as possible. 843-762-9028.

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Construction Begins on Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery’s New North Charleston Location

Charleston, SC – Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery is expanding, focused on bringing more healthcare options to the growing North Charleston community. After breaking ground in May, construction is officially underway with a projected completion date of spring 2019.

Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery remains dedicated to serving the Lowcountry, despite challenges in the project’s early stages. After COAFS announced plans for expansion and purchased the land in 2012, an Army Corps of Engineers’ survey revealed that some of the land was considered “protected wetlands.” COAFS revised their plans to ensure no damage to the environment. This delay set the project nearly two years behind schedule, but was deemed necessary to protect the land our community values.

Now that construction has begun at 78 Ingleside Boulevard, Boyer Construction, the same developer hired to build COAFS’ Mt. Pleasant office, does not foresee any additional setbacks, aside from weather-related delays. The state-of-the-art, 15,000-square-foot building will be conveniently located in the Medical Park and will feature solar panels on its roof. COAFS will occupy the building’s first floor, but is currently seeking leasers for the other two levels.

“We are so excited to continue to grow in order to provide access to the very best in dental technology and service,” said Dr. Edward Strauss.

The Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery team is confident that the end result will be worth the wait. Patients in the area are excited for the project’s completion as well, eager to receive top-notch care closer to home.

Since opening their first office in 2005, Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery has grown its team of surgical professionals and opened new offices as well. Five convenient locations exist today, including four in the Greater Charleston area and one in Bluffton. Each office is committed to providing the personalized, state-of-the-art treatment patients deserve.

Oral surgery patients are in the very best hands with Dr. Aaron Sarathy, Dr. Edward Strauss, Dr. A. Drane Oliphant and Dr. D. Graham Lee. To learn more about Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery or to make an appointment, call 843-762-9028 or contact us.

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There’s No Time Like Summertime: 3 Reasons to Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal This Summer


Between baseball and ballet, tutoring and trombone, the school year is a busy time for kids – and for parents. Getting the kids to school on time and shuttling them between activities can be hectic, but the pace often slows as the calendar flips to June.

Before the summer months get cluttered with vacations and picnics, there’s one important appointment to schedule for your child: wisdom teeth removal. While some people in their teens and early 20’s experience discomfort, others show no symptoms at all. To avoid problems down the road, the professionals at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery recommend wisdom teeth removal for all teenagers and young adults, even those whose teeth have not yet broken through.

Here’s why the summertime is best time to schedule the procedure:

No Missed Classes.
School’s out for the summer! And wisdom teeth should be, too. Ensure plenty of recovery time by scheduling your child’s wisdom teeth removal after the final school bell has rung. Your child will be able to rest easy, without stressing about looming due dates – or swollen cheeks.

No Need to Sit on the Sidelines.
The pain and swelling associated with the healing process makes it nearly impossible for even the most dedicated athletes to attend practices or games. To avoid the frustration of being benched during the playoffs, schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal during the off-season.

No Added Stress for Mom and Dad.
After getting wisdom teeth removed, your child will need a little rest and relaxation—and a little extra attention, too. Many parents find it easier to take a few days off from work during the summer, allowing them to closely monitor their child’s recovery, dole out medication and prepare nutritious, easy-to-eat food for a limited diet. Hint: Frozen treats like popsicles are a tasty alternative to solid food – and summer removal gives kids the perfect excuse to enjoy them!

There’s no time like the summertime, especially when it comes to your child’s oral health! Call Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery today at 843-762-9028 or email us at to schedule your consultation. Find out more about wisdom teeth removal here.

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National Facial Protection Month

With warmer temperatures and sunshine the staples of springtime here in the Lowcountry, outdoor activities quickly fill the calendar. From sporting events to bike rides, both children and adults are getting outside and getting active!

Families crowd the bleachers and ball fields – and as a result, emergency rooms and doctor’s offices often experience a flood of sports-related accidents during this time of year. That’s why we’re reminding all our patients to protect their faces and heads. It is National Facial Protection Month, after all! 

Wearing the right gear will go a long way in keeping players on the field and out of the ER! From helmets to mouth guards, sports safety equipment is a simple way to prevent head, mouth and facial injuries. So, suit up and get out there!

Despite taking precautions to prevent them, we understand that accidents happen. If you or a loved one experience a sports injury and need the highest quality emergency care, we can help! Call 843-762-9028.

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Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery Opens New Mt. Pleasant Location

Charleston, SC – Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery announces the opening of their fifth location, bringing top-quality care closer to home for Mt. Pleasant patients.

Since opening the doors of their first location in 2005, COAFS has expanded across the Lowcountry to provide better access to quality care. COAFS has not only added new state-of-the-art offices, but grown their team of experienced professionals to ensure oral surgery patients are truly in the best hands.

Dr. Edward Strauss, Dr. Aaron Sarathy, Dr. A. Drane Oliphant and Dr. D. Graham Lee utilize the latest technology to provide patients with optimum results. Continuing their education to stay up-to-date with the industry’s most advanced procedures, the surgical staff remains focused on making each visit as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

COAFS is currently accepting appointments for their new Mt. Pleasant location. To schedule yours today, please call 843-762-9028 or visit

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Dr. Sarathy Discusses Opioid Addiction and Exparel in HealthLinks

Dr. Aaron Sarathy was featured in HealthLinks’ March/April issue, highlighting the benefits of an innovative, non-narcotic drug called Exparel.

Dr. Sarathy and his team at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery are pleased to partner with Aetna in a pilot study designed to fight opioid addiction. Dr. Sarathy reported that more patients are choosing Exparel, a safe alternative to opioid medication, now that the cost is covered by Aetna.

To learn more from Dr. Sarathy, read the full article here.

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Join Us in Celebrating International OMS Day!

Countless smiles around the world are thanks to oral and maxillofacial surgeons. The incredible contributions these specialists make often goes unnoticed – but now is your chance to show your appreciation!

February 13th is International OMS Day and here at COAFS, we’re excited to celebrate the dedication of our surgeons. We hope you’ll join us in thanking our surgeons for all they do!

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COAFS and Aetna Partner to Fight Opioid Addiction

Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery (COAFS) has been selected to participate in a pilot program with Aetna to help reduce opioid usage. The initiative is aimed at cutting down on the prescription of opioids – a mission that COAFS is proud to partner in.

Did you know that prescriptions for opioids have skyrocketed from 76 million in 1991 to 259 million in 2012, with dentists prescribing 12% of this staggering total? It’s even more concerning that in 2010, 5.1 million people were classified as prescription opioid abusers and each day, approximately 2,100 adolescents between 12 and 17 years old used a prescription pain reliever non-medically for the first time.

Aetna now covers the cost of Exparel, a non-narcotic local analgesic that provides long-lasting post-surgical pain relief – and a promising step toward fighting the opioid epidemic.

Exparel is injected directly into the surgical site during the procedure, numbing the area before any pain is experienced. Exparel is especially beneficial in wisdom tooth removal since its pain-relieving effects last days after surgery, when patients often experience the most intense pain. As a result, many patients need fewer pain medications after the surgery.

As one of the few oral surgery practices in the area to offer Exparel, we believe that Aetna’s commitment to reimbursement is an exciting new development for patients. Please call us at 843-762-9028 to learn more about Exparel or discuss your pain management options.

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