Patient Privacy Policy

Under the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), an individual/patient has a right to know the uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI) that may be made by Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery (COAFS).  The individual/patient also has the right to know what his or her reponsibilities are with respect to PHI.  COAFS is required by law to provide a notice of privacy practices to all patients as well as to individuals requesting a copy.  COAFS will abide by the terms of its Notice of Privacy Practices that is currently in effect.  It is the overall objective of COAFSto make sure that PHI is kept private.

COAFS’s Notice of Privacy Practices is offered at the first date of service to all patients. COAFS makes a good faith effort to obtain a written acknowledgement of receipt of the notice.


COAFS’s Notice of Privacy Practices extends to:

• Any health care professional authorized to enter information into the patient chart (Including physicians, PAs, RNs, etc.)

• All areas of COAFS’s dental practice (front desk, administration, billing and collection, etc.)

• All employees, staff and other personnel that work for or with COAFS

• COAFS’s Business Associates, on-call physicians/dentists, etc.


For detailed description of our Patient Privacy Policy please contact the office.