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General Extraction Reviews

Name: Theresa
Procedure: Mother of Tooth Removal Patient

Hi, I’m Theresa and I live in Goose Creek. Last fall we learned that our ten year old daughter had a canine tooth growing in sideways and our orthodontist, Dr. Garrett recommended that we come and see Dr. Oliphant and the two of them worked closely together to evaluate her mouth and what was the best plan. After consulting with each other, they decided the best plan of action for Rachel would be to remove her canine tooth and that was tough for awhile. She had to eat a lot of soft foods, but we made it through.

We have since brought Rachel back for a simple tooth extraction and that went well and it looks like she might have trouble with another canine on her upper jaw and so we may be looking at another procedure in the future, but we will definitely be bringing her back to Dr. Oliphant. If anyone asks about our experience and is looking for an oral surgeon and lives in the North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Summerville or Goose Creek we would highly recommend Dr. Oliphant.

Name: Mike
Procedure: Father of General Extraction Patient

Hi, my name is Mike and we came to Dr. Oliphant at the request of Dr. Garrett. We had a problem with our daughter’s canine teeth. It was embedded and it wasn’t coming out and the baby tooth wasn’t coming out so what they ended up doing, they actually removed the baby canine and then removed the embedded canine, but what truly amazed me about what Dr. Oliphant did is he was looking for another option to save the canine because the canine is an important tooth so he actually called us the night before the procedure.

I guess he had been looking through things at night and thinking about it and kind of did like an experimental type procedure where basically he removed the embedded canine and actually put it in place of the baby canine he removed and that I guess is a procedure that is not very common and we said “sure” because anything we could do to at least have the potential to save the canine tooth we were all for that. Dr. Oliphant was way more than anything I could possibly imagine and I’ve already recommended him to other people if they have a similar type oral surgery procedure, that he would certainly be the person that I would go to and we wouldn’t have done anything different.

Wisdom Teeth Reviews

Name: Dorcas
Procedure: Mother of Wisdom Teeth Patients

Hi, my name is Dorcas Herbert and I have three daughters who all had their wisdom teeth out at Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery. My first daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Strauss. My second daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Oliphant. My third daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Aaron Sarathy.

The doctors here were very compassionate and easy to work with. They did a really fantastic job. I am the Office Manager for Mt. Pleasant Internal Medicine and I’ve been a medical professional for over twenty years and Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery is a top notch practice. Everyone, doctors, staff, everyone that I’ve met here are very professional.

Name: Cheyenne
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Patient

Hi, I’m Cheyenne and I’m from the Mt. Pleasant area. I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Strauss. It was a really good experience. Dr. Strauss was really professional, but at the same time he made me feel really comfortable. He made me less nervous and at times he would pull jokes and that got me really relaxed during the whole procedure. The staff was amazing, the nurses were really patient. They were also really helpful.

Overall it was just really professional and they took really good care of me. Not only is Dr. Strauss just an oral surgeon, but he’s also a medical doctor as well so that just gave me all the confidence in the world in him and it just made me realize that he knows what he’s doing. I would highly recommend Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery to anybody who wanted their wisdom teeth out.

Name: Lisa
Procedure: Wisdom Teeth Patient

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m from Moncks Corner. I had a problem with a wisdom tooth so I was experiencing pain and I got introduced to Charleston Oral. I came over to see Dr. Strauss. He explained the procedure to me about the wisdom tooth. I came in and had the tooth extracted. Dr. Strauss was very helpful, just very patient with me because I had many questions and I was very nervous. He and his staff, they were just awesome. They just took very good care of me. Later down the road, I ended up experiencing some problems up under a bridge that I had. I discussed everything with Dr. Strauss and he suggested treatment for an implant.

I had the procedure done and it went really well. I went home and didn’t really experience any problems. I healed very well. I have friends all over from all the towns around here. I recommend anyone who wants to have implants, please come and talk to Dr. Strauss. He is so patient and he explains everything in detail. I recommend him highly. I got my smile back and I’m confident. I walk with style. I enjoy it very much just having them.

Name: Amanda 
Procedure: Wisdom Tooth Patient

Hi, my name is Amanda and I live in Goose Creek. I came to see Dr. Sarathy to get my wisdom teeth removed. When I first came in for my initial evaluation, the staff was great. Very welcoming and very warming and they answered all the questions. I was very nervous at the time when I came in. They were so welcoming and they helped me through any questions I had and they’re very knowledgeable about everything they knew with oral surgery. I think that Dr. Sarathy is one of the best oral surgeons here in the Charleston area.

I think that anyone that asks me or is having pain if they do talk to me, I always refer them over to Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery and refer them to Dr. Sarathy because he was so great and professional with me. Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery – they are the best.

Name: Michael
Procedure: Father of Wisdom Tooth Patient

My name is Michael Allen and I’m the father of David Allen who came to Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery to have his wisdom teeth taken out. The doctors here, understanding their background and being that they are oral surgeons and not just a general dentist. Dr. Oliphant, when you first meet him, he just puts you at ease. He’s very personable, very relaxed. He comes across very professional, but at the same time, he’s the kind of guy you can just hang out with and get to know and go get a drink with or something like that, but he’s very, very relaxed, but at the same time speaking very professional and very knowledgeable.

The staff here from the first time we walked in, all of them were very professional, but I also just wanted to make you feel kind of at home from the first time you walk in to even going back there with my son they know the process that was going to happen, let me stay with him until it was actually time to do the surgery, but also kept me informed throughout the surgery so they did a very good job. I would recommend Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery above anybody around here. They’re very professional. They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re just all around a great practice.

Name: Savannah
Procedure: Wisdom Tooth Patient

Hi, my name is Savannah and I live in Summerville. I came to Dr. Strauss to get an impacted tooth removed and he did so well and was incredibly friendly that I came back to get my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Strauss is really friendly and he explained to me the entire process and procedure and I knew exactly what was going to happen. My wisdom teeth recovered incredibly fast after the surgery and I had no problems whatsoever because I knew what to do afterwards.

The staff was incredibly friendly and they worked really fast during my procedures and they made me feel really comfortable. I would say that anybody should come to Dr. Strauss if they have any problems with their teeth, to get them removed or extracted because he’s incredibly friendly and they know what they’re doing here.

Dental Implant Reviews

Name: Brittany
Procedure: Multiple Dental Implant Patient

Hi, I’m Brittany from Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Oliphant gave me a dental implant, which really relieved all of the stress that I had. I had a previous root canal which was very expensive fail and he helped reassure me that the dental implant would have a lifetime warranty. He made me feel like a person and not a piece of paper and really gave me hope that my dental work would not be something that I had to worry about anymore. The staff was wonderful. They were very professional and they had a very good bedside manner. I felt like the office was clean. It was up to date. My recovery was fast.

I really only had three days of soreness and after that I wouldn’t even know that I had a dental implant in. I have friends all over Charleston and there is no where else that I would recommend other than Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery for any dental needs. My experience with Dr. Oliphant at Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery where I had my dental implant, it was absolutely wonderful. He was professional, he was kind and he did a really good job on the procedure.

Name: Karen 
Procedure: Dental Implant Patient

My name is Karen Fowler and I came to see Dr. Sarathy. I was referred by Dr. Vicente. I had a dental extraction and had to have an implant. Just the time he took with me, the kindness, the staff, when I came in I had the extraction. They took care of me and treated me as a family member almost. I walked in and they greeted me by my first name, always asked about me. I now have my implant. I’m eating everything I want and I feel a little more confident when I smile. I don’t have to worry about the long term affects of not having the tooth gone.

I live in Hanahan and I have friends in the tri-county area – Berkely, Dorchester and Charleston County and I would recommend Charleston Oral & Facial Surgery and Dr. Sarathy. They are the best. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me. I truly felt comfortable. I would recommend them to anybody. They truly care about their patients. They take the time, they’re courteous from the front desk to the back of the office. I couldn’t have asked for a kinder staff.

Name: Larry
Procedure: Dental Implant Patient

My name is Larry and I’m from North Charleston. My general dentist recommended me to come see Dr. Oliphant. Over the years I’ve been to several dentists and everything and I needed four implants done in my mouth. Dr. Oliphant, through his staff and his work over a period of time got them in. I feel good about myself. What I like about Dr. Oliphant is he’s very professional and his staff is really professional. They really make you feel comfortable when you’re going through something like this.

It’s just something that I was worried about, but it made it a very easy ordeal for me. Some people feel like it’s a battle to go through implants. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks it is. I think Dr. Oliphant was very efficient in what he did and everything and it was a very learning and very good experience for me. For my friends, I live in Summerville, Beaufort area and Mt. Pleasant – I would recommend Dr. Oliphant to do your dental implants.

All-On-4 Reviews

Name: Iris
Procedure: All-On-4® Patient

Hi, I’m Iris and I came to see Dr. Sarathy about a year ago to discuss the All-On-Four procedure and immediately I found Dr. Sarathy and his staff to be very pleasant and comforting and I felt very comfortable here from day one and we discussed the surgery and I’ve had two surgeries and both went very well and I’ve been pleased with both surgeries and the results have just been absolutely wonderful for me.

Prior to the surgery I had experienced problems with my teeth my entire life because I had very soft teeth and I had lost a lot of teeth and had different appliances throughout the year and so the All- On-Four has just been wonderful to have all of that corrected at one time. I have lived in Charleston all of my life and I have friends in Charleston, West Ashley and in Summerville and if anyone ever asks me about dental implants, I would tell them to definitely see Dr. Sarathy.

Aesthetics Reviews

Name: Annie
Procedure: Aesthetic Patient

Hi, my name is Annie and I’m from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. My goal in coming here was to feel better, feel younger, have a more energetic youthful look. I think it’s important in what I do every day in the business world. Kim makes you feel really comfortable. She is a joy to work with, knows exactly what she’s doing. The laser treatments are incredible. I have a lot of friends and contacts around Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, West Ashley and I highly recommend Kim. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. It’s just been a life saver.

Name: Charles 
Procedure: Aesthetic Patient

Hi, my name is Charles and I’ve been coming to Kim for my skin and my skin was very problematic. The first thing that Kim helped me with was understanding that with the type of skin I had to use the right product and it has just really helped my skin and pores not get clogged, to remain unclogged and to basically sluff off. The other procedures that she’s working with me on are just to help kind of rebuild my skin, having some confidence that I’m looking better as far as skin tones and skin condition has been a big help.

I have a lot of friends in Atlanta and here in Charleston. I would recommend traveling to see Kim from anywhere in the country, but in this area I can certainly recommend her. As I said, she has brought the right products to my skin and it’s been a huge help.

Name: Pam
Procedure: Aesthetic Patient

Hi, my name is Pam and I’m from Charleston and I have been coming to Charleston Aesthetics to work with Kim for several years now. I’ve had a tremendous amount of trouble with my skin due to sun damage – a lot of keratosis, a lot of basal cells and since I’ve been coming to see Kim I have not had anything done at all by a dermatologist in at least four years. I’m just so absolutely delighted with the results that I’ve gotten. Kim’s knowledge is absolutely extraordinary about the care of your skin.

She studies and attends lots of conferences and seminars and so not only is she a good technician in what she does, but she has tremendous knowledge of the skin and the products that are available, which is really a great help because there’s so many things out there for your skin and it’s very difficult to make a decision. What Kim has to offer really has had a very positive impact. I’m in a service business. I deal with the public and I feel it’s important to look well and it also makes me feel a lot better. I look well, I look rested. From a psychological point of view, it’s a great lift.

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