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Vision, Mission, Values


Using constant improvement, quality, education, technology, collaborative leadership, convenience, and compassion to be the largest private provider of oral and facial surgery in South Carolina, ensuring our patients can return to living their lives the way they want.


Working with

  • Patients
  • Referring practices
  • Employees
  • Business partners
  • The Charleston community

In order to provide

  • Compassionate, convenient, comfortable, affordable oral and facial surgery
  • Seamless, consistent collaboration with healthcare partners
  • A great place to work
  • Oral surgery education
  • Support to local charities and schools

By using

  • Customer service
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Training
  • Technology
  • Profitability


Quality – At COAFS, we strive to meet the highest standards of quality. We use the highest quality and most effective materials from quality dental implants to the best bone grafting materials. Our surgeons have all achieved the highest standards of quality – ABOMS board certification. Our team is regularly trained to improve and capitalize on their skills. Our offices are outfitted with the most up to date equipment.

Comfort – At COAFS, we understand that oral or facial surgery can be a fearful experience. We do our best to alleviate anxiety and discomfort by using the best surgical methods and pain management protocols. We strive to have a pleasant and calming atmosphere in our offices and train our team members to be attentive to the needs of each patient.

Improvement – At COAFS, we believe in constant improvement. This means consistently searching for better administrative and clinical practices. It also means making capital investments in the latest and most effective technologies.

Local – At COAFS, we believe in the South Carolina community, and we invest in it. Our first choice of business partners is always local. We support local charities and schools. We help in the education of the local dental community.

Collaborative Leadership – At COAFS, we believe the best outcomes come from good collaboration. We work with other healthcare professionals to treat patients in the most seamless and easy way possible. We lead by example and through education. We lead by listening to our partners and addressing their needs.

Education – At COAFS, we believe that more information leads to better decision making. We strive to give our patients all the information necessary to make good decisions about their care. We create opportunities for health care partners to increase their knowledge base. We invest in continuing education for surgeons, clinical, and administrative staff.

Individuality – At COAFS, we believe that each patient, each referring office, each team member should be treated as an individual with different needs. We work to address the specific needs of our patients, collaborating offices, and employees, and recognize that every person is different.

Affordability – At COAFS, we believe that everyone should have access to quality healthcare. We recognize the cost of oral surgery can be high, as is the cost of providing quality healthcare. In order to provide access to care, we contract with many insurance carriers to reduce the out of pocket cost to the patient. We also provide multiple financial options for financing surgeries to make sure our patients can afford the treatments they need.

Profitability – In order to provide the best technology, the best team, ongoing continuing education, a comfortable patient environment, excellent job opportunities, and financial support to the community, COAFS must be profitable.

Positive work environment – At COAFS, we believe that our team should be in an uplifting and positive work environment. We accomplish this goal by providing excellent terms of employment, all the tools necessary to accomplish assigned duties, continuing education, and a respectful tone towards each other.

Honesty – At COAFS, we recognize the importance of health care decisions. We believe that our patients, referrals, team members, and business partners deserve nothing less than the truth. Our goal is to provide accurate information so everyone that comes to our practice can make the best possible decisions.

Integrity – Our patients, referrals, team members, and community need more than just the truth – they need follow through. At COAFS, we are committed to doing those things we say we are going to do.

Our North Charleston office has MOVED! The address is: 3700 Ingleside Blvd. Ste 101 Ladson, SC 29456